Lector dr.ing. Mihai NEGHINĂ
Birou: IM418
E-mail: mihai.neghina@ulbsibiu.ro
Activitate didactică și de cercetare
Articole în jurnale ISI
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Articole indexate ISI (proceedings)
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  • Receiving node in a packet communications system and method for managing a buffer in a receiving node in a packet communications system
    Inventors (3): Florin-Laurentiu Stoica, Mihai Neghina, Adrian Raileanu Publication number: (Publication type: Application) EP2415217 A2 / EP2415217 A4 / US20120008641 A1 / CN102292943 A WO2010112975 A3, (Publication type: Grant) EP2415217 B1 / US8594126 B2 / CN102292943 B
    Publication date: (Application) 8 Feb 2012 / 15 Aug 2012 / 12 Jan 2012 / 21 Dec 2011
    28 Jul 2011; (Grant) 21 Aug 2013 / 26 Nov 2013 / 11 Mar 2015
  • Data packet frequency
    Inventors (2): Mihai Neghina, Florin-Laurentiu Stoica
    Publication number: (Publication type: Application) US20110149082 A1;
    (Publication type: Grant) US9106551 B2 / DE602007014122 D1
    Publication date: (Application) 23 Jun 2011; (Grant) 11 Aug 2015 / 1 Jun 2011
  • Generating a frame of audio data
    Inventors (2): Adrian Susan, Mihai Neghina
    Publication number: (Publication type: Grant) EP2153436 B1 / US8468024 B2
    Publication date: 9 Jul 2014 / 18 Jun 2013
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Teză de doctorat
  • Tehnici de Inteligenţă Computaţională pentru Recunoașterea Formelor în Imagistica Multispectrală, coordonator Prof. Dr. Ing. Victor-Emil NEAGOE, Universitatea Politehnica din București, 2012